Interactive Features Paper Cards

Just Can't Provide





  • Dramatically Boost Your Sales 
  • Never Leave Your Cards At The Office/Home Again
  • All Company Info In One Place
  • Single Button Call, Text, Email
  • Automatically Captures your Customers Info 
  • Send Autoresponders, Coupons, Video & More 

The best & easiest way to make your first impression last!


Your Image matters! Quality of your products and tech innovation is key to promoting your business. We make it easy for you to build strong client relationships while keeping your customers engaged and your product top of mind.

Amazing Game Changing Features

Mobile Business Cards from Team Referral Network are sure to impress even your most critical clients. They stand out from the crowd, are uniquely interactive and loaded with features paper cards just can't provide!


Never run out or misplace your cards again! Know instantly when someone downloads your card & automatically send them a response or greeting. Complete with your latest product video, slideshow, & links from your card to your Ordering Page, Social Media pages etc. Best part is we build, customize & keep your card current with each new selling season!


Auto Slideshows/ Video

You latest product line is always updated, highlight & featured on your Mobile Business Card via Photo Slide Show, Video or both.

Build Your Client List & Automatically & Promote To It

A fast and easy way to build your customer list via Keyword & Shortcode included with your new mobile Businees Card. Simply by sharing it with your customers via printed material, email, social media or your website you will get the word out to the masses quickly and watch you list grow.



One Click Call, Email, Text

Customers can Call, Email, Text you quickly with a single click of a button. No looking up this information. Great for your client!

Contact Information

Once your client downloads your Mobile Business Card, all your contact information, company promotions, contests, ordering info and links will be readily available on your client's phone 24/7!

Any updates to your MBC are automatically updated on all cards downloaded across the board. This assures your clients get the latest most relevant information you have to offer.

Loyalty / VIP Program

VIP clients can signup to receive special sales, event information, new product releases, demos and exclusives to keep them coming back again & again.


Order From Card*

Customers can order directly from your card with a tap of a button. *Need shopping cart to link.
Social Media

Your Mobile Business Card is linked to your Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, & more! 


Email Integration / Responders

Sync up with your favorite email campaign software. Mail Chimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact, Get Responce, Infusion Soft.


Capture Referrals

Clients can send you referrals directly from your Mobile Business Card 24/7. Built in referral form makes it easy.



Personal QR Code/ Keyword

Simply give your Keyword (We'll help you come up with it) to everyone to download your MBC or have customers or potential clients scan your QR code embedded at the bottom of your MBC. It's a quick way to transfer your information to them!

A Mobile Business Card That

Interactively Promotes Your Business

With Our SMS Text Marketing Package (Included).


Our Mobile Business Cards take client relationships to the next level. Our team of engineers have worked hard to create an easy to use text marketing system that you can quickly send group auto text message responders with coupons, birthday / anniversay wishes, auto appointment reminders, contests, surveys & so much more, all included with your Mobile Business Card!


Our VIP/ Loyalty Club your customers can earn prizes such as gift cards, freebee's ,event tickets or what ever you choose. with your Birthday wish message if you choose. All this in less time than it takes to place an order for coffee. We’re ready to walk you through the process, step by step, until your Mobile Business Card is everything you want it to be.



Here's just a few things you can do with your Mobile App!


  • Build a customer list automatically

  • Sell your Products & Events through your app.

  • Run "Mobile Only" Coupons & Contest Promotions

  • Customers can Call, Email of Text you with a single "Tap"

  • Set Tasting & Tour appointments

  • Show your Facilities with Slidshows & Video

  • Customers can Join clubs

  • Book Events

  • And so much more!





Text: kellyMBC

To: 40691

Works On Any Smart Device:


iOS, Android, Windows, Sony, Google Pixel & Blackberry

One platform, All devices. Simple. Mobile apps for any device with our mobile app development platform:


  • Customized mobile restaurant apps for any iOS, Android, or Windows-based device.


  • Feature-rich web apps that work consistently across all HTML 4 / 5 compliant browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and all mobile variants)


  • A single MBC that looks, feels, and operates consistently across all devices. Go ahead and try it!

Clients Share Your MBC

(Features On Bottom Of Card)

Open your network capabilities full throttle with your clients friends & family. Once your MBC has been saved on your or your clients mobile phone referrals are just a text or scan away! 


Text: Since your keyword & shortcode is listed on your MBC, clients can share your contact information (MBC) with everyone in their network easily by sharing or texting your keyword/shortcode from their phone. Tip: This is the best procedure to automatically build your client list fast.


Scan: Clients, can have their friends & family simply scan your QR code from your MBC. This will upload your information (MBC) to the potential customers phone. Tip: place your QR code on all your printed materials for a massive amount of leads .  


Social Media: Go viral with your MBC. Post it , tweet it, pin it, Whatever you choose. Tell everyone about your new Mobile Business Card!


Special Exclusive Team Referral Network Introductory Offer. Reg $149.99 design & Setup of account + $49.99 mo. Team Members get a mobile business card to drive sales for $99.00+ $29.99 mo hosting, power promo suite of push promotion tools. Simply fill out the below form with your information. If we should have any questions along the way we will call the number or email you using the information you provide us on this form. 



FREE! Your Mobile Business Card will also be connected to your Business Profile Page in your Team Referral Chapter App so anyone referring you can download ALL your company information and share it with friends and colleagues!  

VIP MBC Management
We Do It For You

Don't have the time or desire to manage your Mobile Business Card? No worries, we do it for you (One Time Introductory Offer $9.99 mo). We'll take care of management of your MBC including sending your ads, coupons, running your contests, pretty much everything. You can relax, and focus on what you do best. We have you covered!


Have a current MBC that needs a change or update?